Hello Scary Guy,

I cannot express to you how incredible it was to have you (Scary) and then your staff responded so supportively. I have been telling everyone about the gift of your phone call and have “WOWED” everyone. I feel as though your project is one of the most engaging touching formats I have ever encountered, and this has been my passion for a long time.

I am also so amazed at how I was able to relate to you so beautifully even though I consider my self the poster child for conservatism………when I watched you on the videos your “Earth Suit” that once made me tentative became absolutely beautiful and comforting to me when I heard your words.

My heart is so devoted to fueling our young people with the exact messages you speak of. It is so evident to me that your experiences were by design created to deliver a message that penetrates the hearts of anyone who has the pleasure of watching.

I am so fired up about your phone call, and still cannot believe it. I have told everyone that i have discovered a treasure!!!!!!!! I am going to meet with my staff on Friday and discuss our conference. I am thinking that we really want to put an emphasis on empathy and anti-bullying………I am still pinching myself and cannot believe that you have been so gracious.

I do not want to cause you any extra work and will be incredibly grateful for any resources that you suggest……..as we say in Louisiana……your phone call was the huge gift and anything else is “lagniappe” …………

Please write soon so I can continue to brag…
You are so special!
Tamarah Myers, M.Ed


Kelly Ormerod wrote ON FACEBOOK:

Hey Scary Guy!

I Haven’t been on your profile in a while and didn’t know how often you go on here but never mind.

I’m from bury, near Manchester, and went to Derby High School.
I Just thought I’d let you know that the lessons and principles you talked to us about will never be forgotten
and neither will your trip to our school.

I think what you do is amazing and that you’ve devoted your life to it is great.
Good luck in what your doing, you really make a difference.
I admire you.
Kelly x

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