“He does NOT use fear to end bullying he uses facts (found in newspapers for everyone to fear) and then he uses ROLEPLAY!!!!! He mirrors the behaviour back to the bullies hidden in the crowd before him, showing how ridiculous a way of spending your energy it is, he then parodies it and then spends MOST of the time explaining how victims can choose NOT to own the words and energy thrown at them, and the bullies have to really REALLY think about their behaviour and how it does nothing for them nor their victims –

And THEN he provides a curriculum with strategies that help to breakdown the ingrained ‘playground culture’ in institutions that perpetuates the bullying throughout and into the workplace, strategies that give the whole school (workplace) a chance to behave differently, just long enough to see that if everyone involved just sticks to the new way of being NO-ONE gets hurt.

Children respond to the true raw reality of what is going on, they are much more awake than are given credit for and they can understand The Scary Guy much more than many adults with their own limiting mindsets!

You have been given a grown-up’s uneducated version of something that does no harm and yet you are demonstrating PERFECTLY exactly the behaviour The Scary Guy changes – the mouthing off and prejudice about someone you haven’t gotten the full picture of yourself – passing on just the prejudice and misinformation of another.

The Scary Guy could help you not to be caught in the flow of someone else’s words and judgement. Be kind to yourself and treat others as you would be treated, would you want someone to put this much energy into publishing judgements about you when they haven’t met you nor seen your work in person? Live in Peace and be happy : )”


Dear Scary,Image

I’d just like to say thank you for visiting my school (Sir John Hunt Community Sports College). 

I was bullied for four years, and it lead to me attempting suicide, I also selfharmed too.. Admittedly, I was quite violent back to the ‘bullies’, shouted horrible things at them etc.. But after you visited out school, it made me realize that all words are energy, and what comes out of your own mouth, is about you. Not the person you’re saying it to.

I can now look inside at who I am in all my words and actions, your programs helped a lot. 

Thanks for visiting.

-Darryen Venning.


Dear Scary Guy,

I remember you came to my school in Corby, Northamptonshire, England. Were talking years ago now.  I’ve been going through a tough time breaking up with my girlfriend and living life without my parents. 

I remember the thing you done with the punch that turned into a hug; we were all doing that for weeks, months after!  All I can say is that I know I’m in a bad place now but when I pick myself up again I can get to work being the best person I can be and helping others see that person in themselves, too.

It’s all thanks to you. 

If one person changes their mind that’s another person that can help change the mindsets of others and that’s something you’ve done to me.  Life is so much easier with love. It makes the mundane bearable and the ordinary more extraordinary. 

Even something as simple as giving up your seat on the tube, to picking someone up who’s fallen over, or, giving a smile to someone in the street!  It might turn that persons day around. 

I remember I was at Victoria station in London on my way to work when a woman had fallen down the escalators. I pressed the emergency stop and ran up to help. Within seconds everyone in the area came to help out. For that split moment hate never existed, it felt like man didn’t even acknowledge hate. I went to work late but for the entire day, never had so much faith in humanity.

I’m writing to let you know that you’ve changed the way I think and the way I feel towards others. It takes a brave person to do what you’re doing and I have limitless respect for you. 

Your existence is proof that there is still goodness in the world.

For now, take care and keep in touch.

Will Kinnaird.Image

Nathan Hall MAKES His Life Work

Quick message here Scary Guy,

I remember the day you visited the secondary school i attended in Middlesbrough, England called Ormesby Comprehensive School and gave us your talk. What a big part of my life that speech has played, It gave me a real push to fullfull my life ambitions which has led to me successfully completing college and also going into a career that will lead to me being a very wealthy person!

There needs to be more people like yourself in the world!

Take care x
Nathan Hall


Dear Scary Guy,

Since 2008 to 2009 – it’s now 17th of July and its our 6 weeks holiday! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Does that sound good to you?

Where are you today? Were you at a school or at home? Don’t answer if you were at home – just answer if you were at a school!

One year ago you were at my High School. It’s really good for what you did for us.
Bullying has now decreased. There is now not a lot of bullying. It has now calmed down at our High School.

Thanks your the best.

Why do you what all those tattoos all over your body?

Thanks for everything! You have changed everyone’s life in Macclesfield High.

Thanks very much!


Dear Scary guy,

I wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for making things a lot clearer for me. You recently came to give your talk on peace to the school that I work at in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. Yes, Spilsby, the name that tickled you.

My son Deniz is 10, 11 next month and has Aspergers syndrome. Despite being a loving, caring, intelligent and happy boy, his ‘quirky’ ways have singled him out in the eyes of bullies. For the last 3 years, Deniz has been subjected to petty and hurtful jibes, racist and homophobic comments. At the beginning of this year he was physically beaten up by 5 boys whilst simply collecting his coat from the cloakroom. He hadn’t said a thing to them, they just set upon him like a pack of animals. Since that day, (and numerous visits and letters to the school), Deniz has struggled to continue his education. With a lot of love and support from myself and close family and friends, Deniz has held his head high and persevered, knowing that this September he will be attending a secondary school that is far better equipped to suit his needs. Over the last 3 years I have struggled with staying strong for Deniz and coping with the emotional side of it all. It has mentally drained me often. I have lost count of the times I have sat and cradled him, explaining that bullies are people who project their feelings onto others and that they are most likely jealous of him.

When you gave your talk, one thing really hit me hard, the ‘ignore’ word. I realised there and then that I had been telling Deniz to ignore them. Now I feel so ashamed that I ever said that to him yet realise that it is an ‘off the cuff’ phrase. I have vowed never to say that again, and to date I haven’t. I apologised to Deniz that evening for saying ‘ignore them or it’ and explained that I now realise why he couldn’t. I told him about you and have promised that one day soon we will look at your web sites together. Hopefully it will help Deniz to gain a better understanding as well as cope with his feelings more. Why soon and not now? Sadly, this weekend Deniz received some very nasty, racist and homophobic emails from children that he considered to be his friends. I have shown these emails to the parents of the children who are horrified and the situation is being dealt with through more meetings. This time, despite there only being 2 weeks left, I hope to come to a resolution that puts a line under this extremely hurtful behaviour and I want to thank you for giving me the courage and knowledge to fight what will hopefully be the last fight. Many friends have said that I should involve the police immediately as sending harassing and racist messages are indeed against the law, but after listening to you I have realised that not only are they children, but they must also be hurting themselves and most likely only need to realise the pain they have caused both Deniz and myself in order to re-educate and re-evaluate how they project themselves onto others. Understandably, Deniz is still very sensitive and upset about the latest incident, but as soon as I see he is stronger and willing to talk more, I will show him your videos and web sites.

Once again, thank you. You have made me realise past mistakes, ones that I have pledged will never happen again. You have helped me understand more why bullies act as they do and this has given me the strength to educate and listen as well as become more forgiving. You have made me into a better human being, which will in turn make my son a better human being to. Never give up spreading the word, world peace is achievable.

Thank you.

Peace and love



Hi Scary Guy,

You came and visited my old school a couple of years back and I just wanted to say you have inspired me so much.

I used to get bullied and tormented alot but i learned to speak up and stand up and not be walked over it’s all thanks
to you now I do alot of research and i am currently researching about a book called please daddy
don’t trying to find out about it all.

i never used to see the point in living but now I do and see something good in everyday as you was my inspiration.
i just wanted to say thank you! x

Could you please e-mail back so I no you received my e-mail thank you x

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