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Episode 103 is out today!

My guest this week is The Scary Guy, also known as The Urban Dalai Lama, The New Face of Love or Warrior for Peace.

Over 24 years ago, The Scary Guy left his chain of tattoo shops and his Harley Davidson behind, legally changed his name and set off on a mission to change the world for the better.

Scary’s work is based around peace, love and kindness and the structures and thought processes that he presents to us directly address the socially negative and damaging behaviours that we frequently experience within society.

He presents anti-bullying programs in schools and has worked with police forces, the military and a host of communities and corporate organisations to spread his message of kindness and working towards the elimination of hate.

Scary and I chat about the series of events that led to him changing his name and then changing his life.

We chat about bullying, hate and negative energy and we chat about kindness, forgiveness and world peace.

Scary is a lovely man and this is a lovely conversation! It was awesome to chat to him and learn about the wonderful things that he’s doing in the world!

Episode 103 is out now wherever you would like to listen!

The Scary Guy Podcast with Bernie Miller

👉🏼🆕EPISODE 🆕👈🏼

‘Don’t be overwhelmed by the overview. Simply focus on the next step to be completed’

The mantra that has seen entrepreneur Bernie Miller pioneer the ‘15 Minute Total Body Workout’, invent the now industry standard ‘Total Body Workout Bench’, The Spooner Balance Board and The Squat Master.

These days you’re likely to find Bernie Pole Vaulting on his Californian Ranch.

Listen now. Available where you get your podcasts.

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The Scary Guy Podcast With Paul

Australian film, the romantic comedy, Strictly Ballroom turns 30 this year. Baz Lurhmann’s feature directorial debut starring @paul_mercurio_official in his first acting role.

Winner of the Prix De Jeunesse at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, 8 nominations and 3 awards at the 1993 BAFTA’s & a Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture.

It’s fair to say that love is in the air for this iconic movie.

In Season 1, Scary & Gary chatted with Paul, along with dancing & choreography is also a successful author, chef, brewer, TV personality & now politician.

Paul talked about his difficult relationship with his famous Dad. Being brought up in a tough Australian neighbourhood by a single Mum. How taking up ballet aged nine was to shape his life & how he sees himself now as a Husband & Father.

Paul describes a train journey he took embarking on his dancing career. Leaving as a boy, coming home a man.

Paul is still on his journey. Now helping others as politician.

Available where you get your podcasts.

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#paulmercurio #strictlyballroom

The Scary Guy Podcast with David Kaye

David Kaye stars in Farzar the new Netflix animated series premiering July 15th

In this episode he is upstaged by his dog Zeus, somehow is unaware of his daughters age, cannot remember his sister’s birthday and reveals publicly for the first time about his criminal past in 2nd Grade.

Who booked this guest?!

Listen now. Available everywhere you get your podcasts.

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The Scary Guy Podcast w/ Marty Ray Project

Check out this episode with singer / songwriter Marty Ray Project

Of course we talk about music, but the conversation covers Good & Evil, Love & Hate, judgement, faith and not being afraid to go for your dream.

There’s a fair amount of powerful prayer too.

Available wherever you get your podcasts.

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