The Scary Guy Podcast with Jess

Jess Ronne calls herself the Reluctant Caregiver. It’s a role no one would choose but as a mom to 16 year old Luke with profound disabilities who needs 24/7 care she has no choice.
Add to this three years caring for her first husband who ultimately lost his fight with brain cancer and now a mom to 8 children in her blended family it’s no wonder she is known as @jessplusthemess

As a mom x 8, a wife, CEO of The Lucas Project, caregiver advocate, author, podcast host and soon to be featured in the documentary UNSEEN – How we’re failing our caregivers and why this matters, Jess is an inspirational person that declares, Life is for Livin’
Hear the full conversation now. Link in bio or everywhere you hear podcasts.

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