Hi Scary,

I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’. Last night I managed to get through to my own son. He’s had problems with bullying throughout school and although he’s left now and 18 years old it’s always been a problem for him and has affected his relationships with people. Last night I sat with him and we watched one of your school videos together. It really got through to him and he opened up. It was really emotional and obviously only the first step for him but your video managed to get through to him in such a good way. We sat and talked right through into the early hours of this morning.

I work with children in schools in Cardiff who have been affected by various awful things but found it really difficult to help my own son. I’ve had to kind of sit back, watch and wait until he was ready so by showing him your video I was able to get through to him for the first time properly.
I couldn’t have done that without you.

So, thank you. You really do inspire me.

Much love

Sue x

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