Kayleigh From Sharnbrook Upper School on The 7 Day Challenge

Kayleigh From Sharnbrook Upper School on The 7 Day Challenge
by The Scary Guy on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 8:40pm ·
Hi Scary,

You visited my school a week ago today, where you spoke to the year 13s of Sharnbrook Upper. I tried the 7 days 7 nights, but found it really difficult. I learnt something about myself doing that, I realised how all the petty words that fly out your mouth in anger do nothing except spread that anger. You don’t feel any better for them, and neither does any one else. I’m not going to give up now, just because it’s been 7 days, and I hope I get better at it as time goes on.

I know in no way am I as bad off as some, I’ve made it through my stormy years of school where I had nowhere to turn from the bullying, but I still found you immensely helpful, thank you.

I hope you are well, I know even the strongest of people sometimes need an extra 17th hug.

Kayleigh Bunker (the blonde one that came for the hug atfer your interview)

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  1. watched the Scary guy video a number of times with kids here at Goldington Academy Bedford. But not met the man himself. The 7 day 7 night challenge is a great idea which more kids! should try. i have to deal with so many situations where they call each other names and a horrid to each other. well done on the blog post. good luck for the future,

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