Bullied Teen Commits Suicide After Alleged Rape

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A 17-year-old Canadian girl died Sunday following a suicide attempt last week.

In a Facebook memorial page, the girl’s mother, Leah Parsons, wrote that Rehtaeh had been shunned and harassed after one of the boys allegedly involved in the rape took a picture of the incident and distributed it to their “school and community, where it quickly went viral.”

“Rehtaeh is gone today because of the four boys that thought that raping a 15-year-old girl was okay, and to distribute a photo to ruin her spirit and reputation would be fun,” Parsons wrote.

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2 thoughts on “Bullied Teen Commits Suicide After Alleged Rape

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  1. It’s unbelievable how cruel and dumb some people are. How on earth do teenager get the idea to do something like that? May this poor girl rest in peace.

  2. it breaks my heart. so much is wrong with this world. so much to do to make it a better and safer place to grow up and live in. thank you, scary, for doing what you do! you are an inspiration and a bright beacon when it seems to get all too dark once in a while.

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