A Letter to The Scary Guy from J. E.

Recently I asked Scary about the inset photo on his FB account (was this him before the facial tattoos?) He said it was and this was my response to him:

Wow! So different. I’m curious as to what made you choose to tattoo your face knowing how people would treat you for this choice? Why on your face? Most people just do body from neck down & most limit the number to just a few. You also knew how people treat those who had tattooed at least a little on their place. You chose that decision where many of the individuals you talk to have differences that nature (God) gave to them so they had no control over.

I wonder this because I have many people think that other’s choose to be different in being gay, overweight, etc. (I don’t think they have a choice myself) & respond that why would someone choose to be different and face the things that other people say to them?

It suddenly dawned on me that people are responding in a way that shows their preferences in what they find attractive and people who don’t fit that image are made to feel uncomfortable in order to try to “shame them” into conforming. Kudos to you to be able to stand up for yourself. In a way you are a human diamond–you took the untattooed you and withstood the pressures of society and became a diamond.

Beautiful & loved by many.

Jessica E.

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