The Scary Guy Podcast with David Kaye

It’s a saying I’ve used before and live by and very apt that it starts with an iconic voiceover phrase..
‘In a world when you can be anything. Be kind’.
As I start my ‘night shift’ with my autistic son (ill with chicken pox) I can reflect on my conversation with @dkayevo a man filled with the spirit of kindness. Generous with his time and who as the voice of Megatron & Optimus Prime has been in mine and my son’s life for almost 20 years.
Who knew that I’d be able to thank Megatron for providing regular respite 😂
You can hear the conversation that @realscaryguy & I had with David by subscribing to @thescaryguypodcast
This episode drops on July 11th

davidkaye #kindnessmatters #transformers #megatron #farzar #voiceoverguy #autismneversleeps


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