The Scary Guy Podcast With Paul

Australian film, the romantic comedy, Strictly Ballroom turns 30 this year. Baz Lurhmann’s feature directorial debut starring @paul_mercurio_official in his first acting role.

Winner of the Prix De Jeunesse at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, 8 nominations and 3 awards at the 1993 BAFTA’s & a Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture.

It’s fair to say that love is in the air for this iconic movie.

In Season 1, Scary & Gary chatted with Paul, along with dancing & choreography is also a successful author, chef, brewer, TV personality & now politician.

Paul talked about his difficult relationship with his famous Dad. Being brought up in a tough Australian neighbourhood by a single Mum. How taking up ballet aged nine was to shape his life & how he sees himself now as a Husband & Father.

Paul describes a train journey he took embarking on his dancing career. Leaving as a boy, coming home a man.

Paul is still on his journey. Now helping others as politician.

Available where you get your podcasts.

Link in bio 👆🏼

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