Hello Scary Guy. My name is Keelin, and i just wanted to tell you that i was inspired by what you said when you came and talked at Lewis Palmer Middle School.

I just wanted to say that i took the 7day and 7 night challenge., and during that time i realized how people acted differently and more positively when you just talk nice and don’t start conflict. I realize that when you called it a challenge you meant it. i found it so hard not to get in fights with my older siblings, and in general how tough it could be.

My brothers were also participating in the challenge and i think it really had an in-packed on my family. Because of you Scary Guy i am now taking the 7day and 7night challenge to a higher meaning.

I have decided to take it into my life and always use it on an everyday basis, and because of you, i have learned how to really be a kinder person to everyone, and my brothers have decided to follow me in using it in everyday life, along with my older sister of whom i have told about your visit. you have truly been an inspiration and i cant thank you enough.


Thank you Scary Guy,

. . . And WOW I watched your video and all the memories came flying back to me! I told my mum and dad you said hi and they said a massive hello back!

You are my hero Scary Guy and always will be and I guess I want to thank you for making me love who I am and what I do! Coz be4 you came and spoke to us in school I h8 who I was and wished I was someone else but now I think I’m glad I am the person who I am today coz this is how my mum and dad brought me up so this is who I want to be a good person for them and 4 me!

Well Scary! I’ve got to say you are a credit to England and the nation and trust me Scary I will always follow your words and stick with u no matter what u are doing!

Well Scary I think its bed time I’m getting tired!
Cheers for taking the time to reply to my inbox and I hope to hear a lot more from you.

Sweet dreams night Scary Guy xxx



Dear Scary,Image

I’d just like to say thank you for visiting my school (Sir John Hunt Community Sports College). 

I was bullied for four years, and it lead to me attempting suicide, I also selfharmed too.. Admittedly, I was quite violent back to the ‘bullies’, shouted horrible things at them etc.. But after you visited out school, it made me realize that all words are energy, and what comes out of your own mouth, is about you. Not the person you’re saying it to.

I can now look inside at who I am in all my words and actions, your programs helped a lot. 

Thanks for visiting.

-Darryen Venning.


Hey Scary,

You probably can’t remember but you came to our youth club The Hive in Haverfordwest, Wales and we had the rock star Alison with the 28 cats!!

Just want to say once again a big thank you for everything you said that night it stuck in all our hearts and your words question what we do in our day-to-day lives… also following this page shows me how many places you reach out to and I’m just wondering our you achieving what you set out to achieve??

You definitely did at the hive but what about elsewhere??

Once again Scary, thanks :D!!

From Shane Bear and all those at The HIve…


Hey, Scary!

Today I finally want to thank you for the inspiration you have been for me during the last years. I saw you first on the French-German-TV-Channel quite some time ago – and to be honest I was impressed, but forgot your message too soon. Nevertheless every now and then it came back to me, when my job at a University in Germany as a research assistant became too much for me, because some students were aggressive and offending me. I wasn’t so sure if I really liked the compliment “Among your enemies you’re having a good name”, because I never wanted to be hated or give others the impression that I despised them. But obviously somehow it went that way.

One night I when I was really desperate and couldn’t sleep because of all the anger I felt, I was watching your videos on youtube and when I listened again to you telling about that offending ad in the newspaper that made you reflect your life and your attitude that was the point when I finally wanted to turn around my direction as well, because I realized it was wrong. So I quit my job and in September this year I am leaving for Canada for several months, for a complete re-start, for doing something I love, for learning more about myself and to change my attitude to myself and to other people. Because for a long time I took up all the negative energy my boss, my students, colleagues and so on gave to me and I kept it inside – and in the end it made me seriously sick. At that point I remembered you and your message I heard a couple of years ago and that was the night I sat in front of the computer for several hours, watching your youtube-videos and I said to myself “Yes, that’s the right way. You have to create love to replace hate”.

Just wanted to tell you about having this impact on me and on my life. You are an amazing and precious man, thank you for sharing your message! I love you. Facebook says you already have too many friends (can anyone have too many friends?), so you can’t ad me – but I hope you get this message.

Best wishes and a big hug from Germany!


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