Hey, Scary!

Today I finally want to thank you for the inspiration you have been for me during the last years. I saw you first on the French-German-TV-Channel quite some time ago – and to be honest I was impressed, but forgot your message too soon. Nevertheless every now and then it came back to me, when my job at a University in Germany as a research assistant became too much for me, because some students were aggressive and offending me. I wasn’t so sure if I really liked the compliment “Among your enemies you’re having a good name”, because I never wanted to be hated or give others the impression that I despised them. But obviously somehow it went that way.

One night I when I was really desperate and couldn’t sleep because of all the anger I felt, I was watching your videos on youtube and when I listened again to you telling about that offending ad in the newspaper that made you reflect your life and your attitude that was the point when I finally wanted to turn around my direction as well, because I realized it was wrong. So I quit my job and in September this year I am leaving for Canada for several months, for a complete re-start, for doing something I love, for learning more about myself and to change my attitude to myself and to other people. Because for a long time I took up all the negative energy my boss, my students, colleagues and so on gave to me and I kept it inside – and in the end it made me seriously sick. At that point I remembered you and your message I heard a couple of years ago and that was the night I sat in front of the computer for several hours, watching your youtube-videos and I said to myself “Yes, that’s the right way. You have to create love to replace hate”.

Just wanted to tell you about having this impact on me and on my life. You are an amazing and precious man, thank you for sharing your message! I love you. Facebook says you already have too many friends (can anyone have too many friends?), so you can’t ad me – but I hope you get this message.

Best wishes and a big hug from Germany!


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