In October 2020, we spoke with serving soldier, Paul Minter who after 18 years of active service; including 5 front line tours of Iraq and Afghanistan during which he was blown up twice; Paul was being medically discharged suffering from severe symptoms of PTSD including depression, paranoia and anxiety.

Back then Paul was planning his military retreat. Not on the battlefield, but a place of safety and sanctuary for both serving and ex-military to treat their mental health.

The planning has become reality and with his nee charity established he just needs to raise £3 Million to fund the retreat.

So Paul has decided to run the UK coastline. A mere 5800 miles! Or 191 marathons!! Or if you’re a fit watch wearer, 9,176,000 steps!!!

Hear about the run and the reasons behind The Retreat

The Scary Guy Podcast with Paul Minter

Starting on 1st March, to help fund The Retreat and bring awareness to his new charity HEAD UP, Paul Minter will be running, unsupported, 5000 miles around the coastline of the UK.

Paul needs your help. Visit to find out how you can help and even join him at a stage near you.

You can hear more about Paul’s run and a reminder of the reasons behind it in a special episode on Monday 21st Feb.

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Suicide is selfish??

Suicide is selfish?

Mental Health Advocate and someone who has personal experience of suicidal ideation tells the truth.

Listen to the full conversation

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The Scary Guy Podcast with Jamie Archer


A single thought 5 years ago stopped Jamie Archer from going through with a suicide attempt.

Now as an advocate for mental health awareness and education his purpose is to save lives.

In this powerful episode, Jamie opens up for the very first time about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and step father.

He describes the anxiety he felt every time he walked home.

Plus, hear how, for the first time in 40 years, Jamie learns how to process the negative words he heard his whole life and how @realscaryguy teaches they were never about him.

Jamie also reveals how one of our previous guests @kevinhinesstory saved his life.

Hear the conversation now.

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The Scary Guy Podcast with Jamie Archer

Our new episode with mental health advocate Jamie Archer from @RUOKM8 drops on Monday 14th

Here’s a lesson that The Scary Guy gave to help Jamie

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Are you in charge of your brain?

Now you know the truth, will you be from now on?

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The Scary Guy Podcast with Sara I’m hope

Sara Im survived the mass genocide in Cambodia perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge.

In this powerful episode Sara talks about having perspective in life, hope, positivity, courage and of her faith in God.

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What are you most thankful for today❓

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The Scary Guy Podcast with Sara Im


Between 1975 and 1979 Two Million people died in Cambodia at the hands of the Khmer Rouge.

Prisoners were taken in to the fields to be executed. Often with pickaxes to save bullets. Direct execution is believed to account for 60% of the genocide’s death toll.

Sara Im was held captive in slave labor camps for 4 years, becoming too sick to work and ending up in a death camp waiting to die.

Through her prayers to God, she found the courage to escape. Sara survived The Killing Fields of Cambodia.

Now 40 years later, Sara is a motivational speaker, inspirational author, entrepreneur and wellness consultant.

Her mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage people to have hope, resilience and a positive perspective in their life.

Hear her remarkable story

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