Scary Guy–

You most recently attended my school, Greenway High School in Coleraine, MN. As I write this I am, however, hesitant if I’ll actually hear from “you,” or if I will get a response at all. The journey through high school has been tough, but with God’s help, I have gotten through it.

The four years of name-calling, teasing, bullying, has certainley taken a toll on me, but I know I have become a stronger person going through these experiences. Constant harrassment due to my “style,” my “look,” my “personality,” has taught me many things about who I am, and where excatly I will be heading in the future, and how I will carry myself throughout the journey.

Your inspirational messages has just cemented my viewings of other people and how I will view myself. I have always tried to be the “nice” guy, and most people in my school view me as just that. I always manage to put people first, and never allowing the “bad guy on your shoulder to win.” However, I always did manage to slip up, and let him get the better side of me.

When you were “brought into my life,” I learned how to deal with it, and how to not let him win. I now have control over what I say, and what I do. I have complete control over my life, and now, am not afraid to own up to my actions, because in majority, they will all be good.

I would like to thank you for everything you have done. You must know that you are definitely impacting peoples’ lifes one by one. Your messages being spread around the world is making a slow, but lasting effect. When you change the life of one person, that has the opportunity to blossom into the spreading of 80 more.

Memories remind me of when I was the “guy in the back,” the guy nobody really knew. The guy nobody liked. I know am the guy everyone likes, not the popular, stuck-up guy, but the go-to guy. I’m now the guy in the front room, just helping everyone in the back, make their way to the front.

God bless.


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