Hey pal, not heard from you in a little while, hope all is good.

I hit the big 30 this Friday, and I know you can’t make the drinks, but though you’d appreciate the invite, hopefully will be a bit of a mad little night.

What are you up to at the moment? Still doing all the good work I hope. Got loads of posters up around school now with pictures taken when you were with us, with quotes from your presentation underneath. It really is working, you’ve made a great difference. I still think you should do a longer session with staff though, without them on board (or at least one or two) the message fades out too quickly, the kids need a lot of reminding. I think we’ve managed that at Francis Combe, but I really want to book you to talk to my Year 7s next academic year. I’ll get Debbie Jones on it, but are there any dates that you’re already going to be in the UK?

You take care of yourself, get plenty of rest (you strike me as someone who doesn’t do that much) and keep doing what you do – one man may be having way more impact than he thought.

Love, and big hugs


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