Dear Scary Guy,

You may not remember me but I was a troubled student from the Albion High School, you visited our school and made me an example of anger because of my broken hand caused from punching a wall.

At firs, I was embarrassed and naturally filled with anger.

Although since then, I have followed your advice and I have come out of a very dark point in my life.

I was going to fail my exams and end up in a dead end job but thanks to your techniques for harbouring my emotions, I have become disciplined and have started to attend college.

My social life has also improved as some of you techniques helped me with people skills. My family has also started to accept me as an actual person now whereas before I was seen as the dark horse of the family.

Please keep doing what you’re doing because if you change just one more person’s life like you have mine, you will do a hell of a lot!

Words can’t describe how thankful I am towards you.
You Rock !!!
Jacob Yates

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