Dear Scary,

About a decade ago, the PTA council I belonged to was in the middle of a heated debate.
Should we bring this “scary guy” in to help with the new zero tolerance push from the school district.
My son was about eight at the time, and school was not going well for him.
He was always the kid at the end of the zero tolerance inquisition.
So I really wasn’t keen about another guy coming in and telling me what was wrong with my son.

Some fliers were passed around about the message this guy had, and I quickly realized
the discussion was about how he appeared not the message. I was interested to hear what
this guy had to say. So my vote was to bring Scary Guy to our elementary school.
Our world was harsh surroundings for my son, nothing he could do was right in the eyes
of the principal, staff, or kids. But the message of love and acceptance kept us hanging
on this pasts decade.

The school district my son was at nearly drove him to desperation, recommended medication,
and finally just threw him away. But the words and beliefs of the Scary Guy lingered.
Through a miracle of sorts, our paths crossed with Scary in 2007.

My son was just going through the motions trying to pull himself back together after the
abuse from the kids and teachers. Scary spoke with him at length in one on one sessions,
and out on road tours for charitable organizations. His words helped strengthen my whole family.
His lovely writer, Cathryn provides a inspirational muse to the troubled soul.

We are happy to report Calvin is in college, and faced with an upcoming transplant.
Sadly, he still gets harassed in person and on FaceBook, with threats and negative comments.
But with someone like Scary in his life, nothing can hold him back from success.

Love you,

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