Hey Scary it’s Jake,

😀 When you were in England quite a few years back now you came to a school in a small town, King Edward VI Humanities College in Spilsby. I just want to say that to be honest, since then I’ve taken on what you said and I’ve become a much better person. Your words have inspired me no end and of course I was a little scared of hugging you that day but of course all of what you do, the Scary intro is all an act, from what i have seen of you on YouTube and the videos on your site,

I understand that it’s all an act so you want them to misjudge you, so that when you tell them who you really are inside, you’re one of the nicest, warmest and hard working people i know. You are an inspiration to me and us all and i hope that one day in the future of humanity, that all the children, parents, teachers, all those you’ve talked to would use what you’ve taught them and become better people.

I would like to ask if you have a personal Email address? If so then please may I add you? I’d love to know you better, I’d wager that you have some fantastic stories to tell from all over the world. Or maybe if you’re in the area next time we could meet up somewhere and have a good chat and a coffee 😛

If you can, please get back to me, I’d really like to talk to you again Scary, I help allot of people out with their problems so it would be good to talk to someone that could help me and give me some guidance with my decision making on helping them. If you don’t have the time it’s OK, it’s perfectly understandable 🙂

Anyway, I’ll let you get back to reading your Emails 😀 I hope everything’s going OK and I’d love to catch up sometime soon.

Lots of love,
Jake Harrington

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