Dear Scary Guy,

A Few years back in school, your film inspired my class be nicer to each other and to see each other without being prejudiced. But to actually meet the person that has made such a difference in the world is amazing.

My 3 year old little sister, myself and my other half (Neil) came back to our shop and she said how she had a big hug from a soft giant and i think that is what it felt like, a big warm hug with out being scared. She later watched your video all the way through, I feel as though she really enjoyed it. =] After we came home, she sat on the chair in our living room and gave herself tattoos all over her body then came to hug everyone in the house, your video really lifted her mood even though she couldn’t fully understand all of it.

It’s great to see that after so long you still care about what your doing and how your message is still going around the world.
Keep rockin’ =]

Here is a link to the photo that was taken on that day, I know we look scared but we were definitely excited and even a bit shy. I feel very honoured to have that picture taken with you and really hope to bump into you again soon or maybe when ash invites us to the studio. =P

Please could you send a signed card to:
April (me 18), Emily (younger sister 16) & Taylor (my little sister 3)
Thank you. Will be in touch xxx

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