I must say at the opening of your lecture, I was intimidated, somewhat scared, and anxious to hear what you had to say. As you walked into the room, there was dead silence as if disbelief took hold of the room, even though we all knew prior as to what you would look like with the tatoos and rough exterior. However, as the lecture progressed, I started to relax and become comfortable. You truly stand for the expression “never judge a book by it’s cover”. You truly are one of the most genuine people I have ever heard and your personality is both contagious and inspirational. I have reached out to thank you, Scary. I have never been more inspired in my life. Not to say I was a bad person to begin with, but to stop all the prejudgments I have towards people before I even know their name. If I had a nickel for everytime I saw a fat guy and turned towards my friend and made a remark, I’d probably have a good amount of money. Every person carries a unique story and each should be looked at as such, not all categorized in derogatory stereotypes people make in order to boost their own self-esteem as you have mentioned in your lecture at Rider University this past Monday.

I would be lieing if I said this 7 day challenge was easy, because it certainly is not, but I am working on it. Society is becoming more and more cruel with each new generation. Best friends calling each other names in “kidding” fashion and women becoming more and more used as objects for people’s sexual enjoyment. I can’t help the world as you say, but I am starting to save mine. I want my mind to become pure and full of love. With your inspirational words and accomplishments, I believe it can be done. Good luck on your quest to lecture those fortunate enough to hear your words and for future successes coming your way. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and revelations and for opening the eyes of many.

Sean O’Hara

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