Hello Scary Guy,

How are you?  We are doing extremely good.  We wish you could come to our school again so more people would change.  We would like you to be our teacher and teach us how to treat people and animals with respect.  We think that you are a person who was sent to teach the world about kindness.  Could you please teach us more about bullying?  If you come again we think people will change even more.

Some people changed in our school.  Some students stopped bullying.  All grades are being nice.  We treat others with respect now.  We respect friends and teachers.  Kids are helping each other join in fun activities.  Students are helping students when they need help

We thank you for trying to help everyone else in our school to be a better person.  Before you came some people were getting bullied and when you came you taught them how to be nice.  Our parents wish that they could see you on your next visit.

Your best classroom,

Ms. Cook’s class

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